• Dennis Guyvan

When Will My Problems End? The Real Side Of Fulfillment

So often we know what results we want, we know some of the problems we might face and how to get through them as quickly as possible. We want to solve them as quickly as possible to get to an imaginary place where there are no problems.

Let's get real. Have you ever been able to escape problems? May be for some short period of time, for a few days but that was it. Our brain is wired to look for problems.

Different levels of success have their own set of problems. For example one can get mad about 1$ coupon that did not work at the store, another can be challenged by the question of where to invest a million dollars that they just made. But the problems are still there.

To go even deeper with that, ask yourself what was the best moment of your life?

I bet that included some kind of problem that you overcame if you look deeper into that. Very often we look at problems as a thing to avoid, yet if we think back, the most amazing moments of our lives included some sort of a problem or a challenge. Most of the time a peak experience of fulfillment happens either right after we overcome the problem or in the midst of the engagement with the problem. So we can then say that problems and challenges are parts of fulfillment.

Where am I going with this?

1) Since having problems is unavoidable let's create more quality problems. We can start replacing low quality problems by higher quality ones. High quality problems are usually the ones that are more meaningful ones and serve a higher purpose. So, creating better goals can be very handy here. More meaningful goals create more meaningful problems. For example if you are an entrepreneur and you want a sense of fulfillment you will get more fulfillment by challenging yourself on how to serve your clients better instead of how to spend 5$ less at the store today.

So, What are your high quality problems?

2) Another very important point is to ask ourselves which problems we actually like solving. We are rarely doing this nowadays. If you hate most of your problems at work, with friends, with your spouse then it is not a very sustainable situation. That is very likely that you are going to burn out sooner or later because you are surrounded by mostly the problems that you dislike solving. The balance is not present there.

Long-term momentum is created by engaging with problems that you enjoy solving, without hoping that problems will end one day.

What are the problems you like engaging in?

What are the problems that you are eager to solve?

To sum up, to create a life of fulfillment, find the problems you enjoy solving, create high quality ones and engage with them. You will be amazed at much more aliveness, momentum and fulfillment you will create in your life.

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