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Tips on Achieving Your Goals Faster: Becoming More Productive with a Life Coach

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

As your life coach in Denver, one of the biggest things we will focus on is achieving your goals. Not only that but faster - because why wait any longer to unlock your fullest potential?

Behind every goal that anyone has ever achieved is productivity. Even a goal that seems impossible to you can be broken down into more productive years, months, days, and hours. And behind those higher levels of productivity are the practical tips and endless support that a life coach can offer.

Life coach in Denver

So, if you want to know how you can achieve your goals faster, today I am sharing with you 5 of my favorite tips:

Focus on who you want to be in the immediate future.

When you are struggling to make your goal a reality, how often do you catch yourself thinking about the fact that you have not been successful yet? Possibly a lot.

Where your focus goes, your energy flows, so think about what kind of energy you are generating when you are constantly focused on not doing something. Certainly not the inviting energy you need to attract your goals.

However, focusing on the negatives is not always as apparent as saying phrases like "I can't." Sometimes focusing on the negatives means not focusing on the positives.

For example, let's say that you want to exercise consistently because you cannot stay healthy. If your goal is to "stop taking such long periods between workouts", that will pull your focus. Instead, you want to focus on the positive thing you want to achieve and the person you want to be. Saying something like, "I want to work out consistently so I can stay as healthy as possible my entire life" makes all the difference.

In other words, you want to rewire your thoughts whenever possible. You want your thoughts to align with what you want to do or be in the present, rather than what you don't want to do any longer. I can help you rewire your thoughts and rephrase your goals, so they do not invite past energy – only new possibilities.

Life coach in Denver

Schedule and plan for your downtime.

Take a close look at your schedule to determine when you are most likely to have downtime. Rather than planning your tasks in perfect 30-minute increments and succumbing to the pressure of trying to keep up, schedule them for what is most reasonable to do when.

For instance, if you have certain uninterrupted blocks of time to complete your hardest tasks, use that time to do exactly that. You can use other windows of time, such as during your commute, to address more menial tasks that don't necessarily require 100% of your focus or the use of your full office setup.

Immerse yourself in the task at hand.

What are the things that always pull your attention away when you are working toward your goals? A quick 5-minute scroll through social media might not seem like much at the time, but it adds up. And not only does checking your email at unplanned times interrupt your immediate focus, but it can also pull your mental energy to something entirely different, even when you do return to the original task. Every time you pull yourself from a critical task, you also lose time trying to dive back in.

The next time you want to immerse yourself in one task, think of it as following a continuous stream of focus. If needed, take advantage of websites or apps that can block you from accessing what you shouldn't in predetermined windows. Also, consider muting your notifications during high-focus periods. Instead of letting technology distract you from your work, use it to help you get it done.

A life coach can help you highlight all the things you need to do (and stop doing) to maintain productivity and achieve your goals.

Understand your goals vs. your values.

At the core of each goal is a value. Identifying your values is like looking at a road map, while your goals are like the step-by-step directions.

Before you define any goals, get to know your values better. These are both areas that I can help you with. Together, we will look at what you value versus what you can achieve and measure. From there, we will make a plan of action.

Become aware of your natural rhythms.

At what time of day does your energy, creativity, and focus peak the most? Even those who are not confined to traditional work hours believe that they must still stick largely to the same. But what if that's not working for you? How do you know what is working and what's not?

The best way to find awareness of when you naturally work the best is to observe yourself. Try studying yourself for one week. Notice things like whether you feel more focused in the morning or at night. If there is a consistent time where you tend to experience a drop in energy, schedule fewer demanding tasks for that time, or make that your new lunch or workout hour. Get to know your working, productivity self to better honor your needs and allocate your energy and achieve your goals quicker.

The most important thing I hope you take away here is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer for greater productivity. As a life coach, I work with this reality every day. That said, I will not just have a single solution or plan to hand over when you sign on to work with me. If you are looking for a life coach in Denver to help you become more productive and achieve your goals faster, we can dive further into these tips to find what works for you! As long as you are ready to be honest with yourself and be open with me, I can offer you something even better than tips - a personalized plan.


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Dennis Guyvan, a life coach. He provides individual life coaching sessions in Denver and Chicago, and worldwide via video and phone calls. Schedule your free 30-minute coaching consultation with Dennis Guyvan.


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