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How Life Coaching Can Help You Find Courage and Overcome Fear of the Unknown

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

We all wish we could have more courage at one if not many points in our lives. We are also all guilty of letting our fears of the unknown hold us back. We might fear what we do not fully understand because we aren't sure where the changes will take us.

Life coaching in Denver

But if you think about it, the more we face the unknown, the more there will be that we do know. When you become more courageous after working with a life coach, you will be more in control over pursuing your dreams.

You already have courage and potential within you, and you also have fear. Your fear manifests as mental blocks composed of negative thoughts and feelings that impact you from living the life you want to live.

These mental blocks that constantly influence your mind keep you from accessing your courage. Yet, there is a key distinction between courage and fears that explains how one can always use courage to overcome a fear of the unknown. The difference is that courage lies within, while fears are something you create.

So, where does life coaching come into play? As a life coach in Denver, my job is to help you access the courage that is waiting just beneath the surface of your fears. It's ready to come up for air so you can finally know what success feels like.

A life coach helps you acknowledge your potential.

Your potential is best described as your qualities or abilities that are not yet fully developed but can be developed and manifest to lead to future success. As a life coach in Denver, my role is to help you acknowledge, access, and grow your potential. And finding your fullest potential requires coming face to face with your fears of the unknown.

The thought of facing your fears frightens you. Otherwise, you might not still be here reading this. This means it is also not easy to do, but that does not make it impossible. Whether or not you are conscious of it happening, a process occurs, and a mindset forms where negative thoughts become fears.

The beauty of mindsets, however, is that you can alter them and steer them in a forward-moving direction. With the support and resources from a life coach, you can unravel your thoughts and form new ones.

Accessing your courage and developing your potential goes beyond merely choosing to face your fear of the unknown. It requires you to challenge your limiting beliefs, question their existence, and consciously choose positive ones in their place.

A life coach will help you find perspective.

When you experience fear, your mind and body undergo various natural responses to protect you, much like how the right amount of stress is meant to be a good thing. When your heart rate picks up and the pressure is on, it can push you to meet a deadline on time and even be more efficient in getting there.

Life coaching in Denver

While too much stress has negative consequences, as does excessive fear, the difference is that one propels you forward while the other holds you back. The problem with fear when it comes to facing the unknown is that it does not actually protect you at all.

One of the biggest reasons I became a life coach in Denver is to guide people through the uncomfortable exploration of the unknown. Let's say that many of your fears are centered around missteps or failures. Together we can minimize your risks along with your anxiety through preparedness. Merely talking about how you will handle things when unwanted outcomes arise will remind you there is nothing you cannot overcome.

The thing about anxiety and fear is that once we are engaged in what we have feared the most, we realize it's not as bad as we once made it out to be.

A life coach will hold you accountable.

I will start by giving kudos to you for making it to wherever you are in life right now. Personal growth isn't easy because it's all on us.

When you are at work, you have responsibilities or superiors holding you accountable. It is likely the thought has crossed your mind before - what if I could hold myself accountable to my goals and commitments the same way at home? Only when you get home and realize that it's just you, alone with your goals and fears that nobody else knows about, you do not make any progress.

When you have a life coach, you have an accountability buddy. You have someone to talk to and determine what held you back so you can keep it from happening the next time.

As your life coach in Denver, I will hold you accountable for it all - for speaking from a place of possibility rather than disempowerment. For making choices that will propel you forward. For getting outside of your comfort zone to explore fresh ways of thinking about yourself, your current situation, and your future. Once that is happening, the goal is to move towards self-accountability.

Finding courage requires a commitment to making changes. And each time the going gets tough, I will help you rediscover the courage you have within.

A life coach will help you achieve results.

When there are changes in your life that you have been dreaming of making, a life coach will not only help you cultivate the courage you need to make them. A life coach will help you channel that courage where it is needed the most.

Overcoming your fear of the unknown requires just as much support and accountability as it does practical and result-driven methods. The tools you need to build the life you seek are already within you, and life coaching is the key that opens the box to the courage that has been confined for too long.

Are you looking for a life coach in Denver?

If you are ready to take action but are struggling to start, reach out to me and schedule your free consultation. Together we can explore how life coaching can help you break free from your fears and harness your courage.


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Dennis Guyvan, a life coach. He provides individual life coaching sessions in Denver and Chicago, and worldwide via video and phone calls. Schedule your free 30-minute coaching consultation with Dennis Guyvan.


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