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How do you react when you get scared? Ways we turn fear into an energy force in life coaching

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Do you feel you know what you want but life fear is holding you back?

As a life coach, when I work with clients, fear is something that we work with quite often. Especially it gets more pronounced when a client deeply cares about the subject and gets out of his/her comfort zone. It can be a fear of failure, fear of success, fear of losing control, etc.

Usually, behind there is a message that fears instinctively caries. Be prepared, it says.

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So stop for a moment and think about where in your life you feel scared and ask yourself:

1. What are you feeling fearful about?

You might say I am afraid of that meeting tomorrow, for example. I came up with the thing that relevant for you.

2. What must you do to prepare?

You might say prepare a few questions or jot down three topics that you want to talk about.

3. What actions do you need to take to deal with the situation in the best way?

It can be a simple as to practice in front of the mirror and say it out loud 10 times.

4. After that, it very important to build and to have faith. Remember that you have done all you can to prepare.

Most of the time, that is more than enough to tackle the task and handle the fear. Most of the time my life coaching clients feel more confident, more sense of clarity, familiarity and control go through this process.

But there are also situations when you did the work, you acknowledged yourself, but that fear is still throwing you off at the moment when you are trying to perform some important task. In this case, I highly recommend you watching the video below here. It will help to see how to work with your body at the moment to balance the energy out.

Remember, fear is your friend that can guide you to excellence if you know how to ride it.


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Dennis Guyvan, a life coach. He provides individual life coaching sessions in Denver and Chicago, and worldwide via video and phone calls. Schedule your free 30-minute coaching consultation with Dennis Guyvan.


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