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All you can think about on the weekend is work? Shut off your work faucet by sending one quick email

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

While working with clients who earn money by problem-solving, I noticed they find it difficult to disconnect on weekends. A lot of them feel like the weekend is useless if they worry about the shitstorm waiting for them on Monday.

There is a part of them that loves solving problems, and they get kudos for that. This part wants to see all the problems fixed. Yet there is a part that wants to relax and leave the fixing stuff activity behind on the weekend, so a lot of these professionals try to stop thinking about work by forcing themselves and judging themselves for thinking about work on weekends.

How to deal with that tension? Most of my clients have found it helpful to send an email to themselves with their thoughts on the fix. Writing the ideas down will give you a sense of relief because you can come back to them, and you are making sure that you don’t forget about them. This allows you to let the ideas out of your head for now and come back to your weekend activities.

I encourage you to send yourself one email this weekend when ideas start coming to you.


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