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Coaching for Web Developers


Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver, Life Coach for web developers
  • Does your work that felt like a passion now feel like a chore?

  • Are you tired of too many meetings? 

  • Are you tired of dealing with office politics?

  • Are you tired of the increased workload?


You might also be experiencing constant demands at work and a lack of support from management. You might be feeling demotivated, bored and overwhelmed at work. I feel you. The burnout in the industry is real. The Tech industry is very focused on hitting goals and pushing people toward them. There are even companies that guilt trip employees for not wanting to do overtime. As a result, some employees even feel like there is something wrong with them, like they are not good enough because they work less or less intensely than others.


I am here to tell you that it is not your fault that you feel stuck right now. A lot of companies are structured in a way that disconnects workers from their interests and passions in the field.  Companies are usually so externally focused and attached to results that it disconnects you from your desires that come from within. That is where your energy comes from. It comes from within. 


So your INTERESTS never turned into your PASSION because the reward system was off. You only got rewards, if any, for what you did “right,” not the whole process of learning, which got you into this field in the first place. 


So on a deeper level, the reason for your burnout is the reward system that killed your passion. Your interest never turned into your passion. On the contrary, your company has been bombarding you with the tasks that you “should” do, maybe even micromanaging the way they want it to be done. You didn't get rewarded much for your own creative ways of solving problems, out-of-box ideas, and tasks you wanted to solve. There were more “shoulds” than “wants,” and the “shoulds” were rewarded way more. No wonder you do not have the desire to proceed since your personal desire for things wasn’t desired.  


 You know you would be happier if you quit your job but you can’t because you need money too.


I can help you to get clarity around your interests and turn your interests into your passion by setting a reward system that works for you and not against you. I can also help you to navigate challenging moments.

Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver, Life Coach for web developers

What if you could find a way to be productive while ENJOYING the process?

  • What if you could feel like you are being PULLED towards your goals? 

  • What if you felt like you are full of ENERGY to create? 

  • What if you knew what exactly your nervous system NEEDS instead of the things you “should” be doing to feel better? Have you ever gone to a gym or seen a friend and felt even worse after that? That is because you didn’t support your nervous system the way it needed at that particular moment. 


I am here to support you on this journey. Making this leap on your own can be quite overwhelming and confusing. 


Coaching is a very powerful tool that can help you grow tremendously, yet there is a lot of controversy in the field of coaching. It is really easy to get a coaching certificate nowadays after just a few hours of online training, yet it takes years of training and practice to get good at it. So there are a lot coaches in the field who do not spend enough time and effort to learn the skills.


My approach is based on cutting-edge research of the nervous system, neuroscience, and behavioral psychology. My work is based on techniques that are backed up by science, practical application, and personal use. 


My approach goes deep into the operating system while also making sure that you move forward toward the goals. I am taking my job very seriously, and I have spent more than ten years studying psychology, completed 2 one-year-long coaching programs, as well as 2 years of a graduate program in psychotherapy. I have been providing coaching for over four years at this moment.

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Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver
Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver
Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

You can figure out the way on your own by doing the research. It will most likely take you quite a bit of time and effort, depending on how familiar you are with self-development. Or maybe you already know what to do, yet you find it difficult to find the energy to make it happen. In any of these cases, if you are the person that would like to save some time and use it on things that you are really passionate about as well as things that you are getting paid for, I would be happy to help. I can save you some time, money, provide accountability as well as help you see your blind spots. 


I can help you:

  1. Get clarity around YOUR interests and help you see what YOU want to create in life instead of only focusing on what you “should” do at work.

  2. Find the ENERGY to make the change happen by turning your interest into a passion, by defining and connecting to the reason you are in the field, as well as by letting go of things that drain you as much as it is possible. 

  3. Get familiar with your nervous system and find your OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE STATE. 

  4. Come up with strategies that work specifically for you to REGULATE your nervous system when needed.

  5. Make sure your keep MOVING FORWARD toward your goals while remembering YOUR NEEDS.


I believe you can reach your goals while enjoying the process. Imagine yourself being excited about the work you do, getting energy from the process, and experiencing a state of flow. Imagine feeling calm and being able to take challenges life throws at you. 

Let's get your passion back and make sure your talent finds its way into the world. 


If this information resonates with you, feel free to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see if we are a good fit.

Get help from a Life coach in Chicago and a life coach in Denver


Individual 50-70 min sessions via Zoom

with a life coach in Chicago, Denver and worldwide. 

Get help from a Life coach in Chicago and a life coach in Denver



Individual 50-70 min sessions via phone

with a life coach in Chicago, Denver and worldwide

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