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Life coaching and Somatic Therapy in Denver


I do not want to call my life a struggle or a path of suffering. However, I believe we came to this world to live a life and grow better and stronger under the circumstances we face in life. The journey that brought me to coaching started a long time ago, and that is how the story begins. 

Like many of my clients, I am not a stranger to suffering. My parents went bankrupt when I was three. This event had a huge ripple effect on my family, creating significant stress on every aspect of our lives. The feeling of scarcity generated a sense of not being good enough that was always present in me. Carrying all of this baggage, I became so hungry for change that I started my mission of transformation at the age of thirteen.

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I remember myself being in that dark room, all alone, entangled with a deep sense of despair. I remember saying to myself that I will take whatever actions it takes to transform my life. I wanted to be happy and to feel secure. I asked myself what could give me that? I instantly came up with a list that included living in a different country, having a prestigious job, driving sports cars, living in a beautiful condo, marrying a wonderful woman, etc. So, I created a very vivid image of how I wanted my life to be. I had my target, and it was time for action. I still do those imaginary exercises with my clients. I found them very powerful and motivational.

I needed a lot of courage to make my dream real. What could give me courage? A boxing club, I thought. For five years, boxing was my main passion. I was in a gym for at least three hours a day. I started going to tournaments, and a few years later, I won an international boxing championship. It brought me some relief and also made me feel courageous, and therefore more confident to take on new challenges.


Then I challenged myself even more by emigrating from Ukraine to the USA. It took me another five years, around thirty jobs, an interstate move, and many other barricades along the way, but I accomplished my vision. The image that I created ten years prior became a reality! Here I was in the USA, working at a prestigious job, having the expensive car that I dreamed of, living in a beautiful place by the lake, married to a wonderful woman, yet it felt like something else was missing here. I was following the shallow symbols of success that I have been hearing about all my life from people around me.

I felt like I had accomplished a lot, but didn't have a sense of fulfillment.


I felt that there was something wrong with me.


I felt that I didn't belong where I was in life.


I was berating myself for not being able to move forward in life.

I realized that I was not following my TRUE DESIRES and VALUES. Some of those achievements, like my job, were not fulfilling to me. They were based on the values and norms of other people, not my own.

Life coaching in Chicago, Life coaching in Denver, Online Life coaching

You can never get enough of what you do not need.

Dallin Oaks

Still feeling incomplete, I continued my self-exploration by reading volumes of self-help literature. While it did help me to obtain a lot of knowledge and understanding of how humans work, I still wasn't clear on what was important to ME, and what to do with that.

I was lucky to come across a life coach. The process of coaching completely changed my life by helping me to understand MY true desires and values, and to take actions based on those.

Coaching helped me to find myself. I became more: 

  • DETERMINED and clear on what is essential for ME

  • FOCUSED on where I was going


  • PROACTIVE and gained a lot of MOMENTUM


  • COMPASSIONATE towards myself and others

Life coaching in Chicago, Life coaching in Denver, Online Life coaching

Through the work with my first coach, I:

  • Determined and started a new career

  • Created a plan and moved to a different city

  • Got back to college and eventually finished grad school

  • Started a new business

  • Was able to transform my marriage relationships

  • Became full of energy, since daily activities started to fill me up rather than drain me

After experiencing such a dramatic transformation with my coach, I realized that this is precisely what I wanted to do for a living. It became my mission to facilitate this process of empowerment for my clients through life coaching. Being able to watch my clients transform their lives is the best feeling in the world for me.


If YOU also want to start creating what is essential for you in your life, schedule a free session with me today!

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