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Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

 Cross the River of Change! 


 with our 4-step process 

Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

So, where are you on the life-satisfaction scale today?


  • Is your motivation running low?

  • Do you have a hard time reaching your goals?

  • Are you beating yourself up for not accomplishing something you have planned?


My clients often ask themselves these same questions AND usually answer yes to most of them. I have been there, too, and I know how uncomfortable it can get at times to sit with that.  

Hey there! I'm Dennis, your personal catalyst for change! Feeling stuck? You're in the right place. I specialize in guiding adults (18 - 50 y.o), who are ambition but find themselves trapped in life's quicksand. Together, we'll obliterate procrastination, supercharge your confidence, and break free from the rut. Let's sculpt a life that's not just meaningful and productive, but downright fulfilling! Picture it: epic transformations in self-development, career, entrepreneurship, health, relationships, and beyond. Ready to ignite your journey? Let's leap into action and rock your world!


I KNOW THAT  IF YOU ARE READING THIS RIGHT NOW, there is a part of you that doesn’t want to give up on your dreams. I know that there is a part of you that wants to move forward and have an impact in this world. 


What I also know is that the longer we deny the part that is yearning for something bigger, the longer it is going to take to reconnect with your passion. Right now is the best time to do it. Let’s get you your dreams!

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Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver
Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver
Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

When my coaching clients reach out a lot of them say that the reason they haven't achieved what they wanted was because they are "lazy" and they "need to push harder" to achieve their goals. While I feel compassionate toward their pain I also know that that it is not true. 

Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

What do I think is true?

Procrastination is not about "laziness"; Procrastination is a coping mechanism for the stress that you are holding in your mind and/or body. You are most likely working TOO MUCH rather than too little. You are most likely thinking about too many things and feeling too many things, which is a lot of work for your nervous system. Then once that feels too overwhelming, you probably watch something or distract yourself with something to cope with that stress, which on a deeper level, doesn't help you reset. This keeps you stuck because most of the modern technology distractions still keep your brain engaged and mess up your dopamine system which is very connected to you feeling unmotivated. So it becomes this catch-22 loop that I have been in for years. 

What is the way out of this?

My life coaching practice is based on 4  pillars:

1. Meaning. 

2. Motivation.

3. Emotional resilience.

4. Plan and Reward System. 

1. Meaning 

For a long time, I felt deeply unfulfilled even though I was doing a lot of great things in life. Things like moving to a different continent without parents at the age of 18, getting a prestigious job in a foreign country, having an expensive car that I had dreamed of, living in a beautiful place by the lake, and marrying a wonderful woman. Despite all those achievements, I felt empty inside. I somewhat knew how to achieve goals, yet there was no meaning and consistency in my pursuit.


At first, I followed the shallow symbols of success that I had heard about all my life from the people around me. Even though having those achievements was great, I had never gone deeper than that. Throughout my life I have exposed to all this advice about what I SHOULD do and I was making life decisions based on it. I was never deeply asked and explored what was MEANINGFUL to ME personally, neither at school nor at home. While pursuing all these goals, I was not even aware that I chasing someone else's goals until I achieved them and got into depression. 

So, when I start working with my clients I start with the exploration of their Meaning and their life Values. I can help you either discover your meaning or deepen it.

Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

2. Motivation

For as long as I remember myself starting new things was always hard for me and the only way I could make things happen was by PUSHING myself into doing them. As you can imagine, constantly PUSHing myself without feeling any PULL to do things ended up in me going from burnout to burnout. Deep down, I knew that it is not how all people operate, but I didn't know a better way until I came across some cutting-edge neuroscience research about neurotransmitters. What caught my attention the most was the relation between the DOPAMINE molecule and motivation. That research talked about how to manage dopamine and practical ways to increase dopamine.

When I put that into practice, I was blown away. For most of my day, I was in a state of FLOW, being super immersed in the process, enjoying the process, and being very productive, while  PUSHing very little throughout my day. I was sold. What surprised me even more is that when I started introducing this idea to my life coaching clients and integrating this knowledge into their lives, they were benefiting from this pretty significantly and consistently. They experienced a significant boost of energy that they now could utilize to create the life they wanted.

So, the second pillar of my life coaching practice is MOTIVATION since it is what the result of the DOPAMINE management. When I work with my life coaching clients when we get to this step I provide psychoeducation about DOPAMINE and help them with DOPAMINE management. I can help you come up with specific strategies that will lead to you feeling more MOTIVATED and experience a state of FLOW throughout the day.

3. Emotional Resilience

For a long time I didn't know how to talk to my emotions. I was shutting them down over and over again until they fight back and completely overwhelm me. I would feel stuck there for hours or even days. It was a mess. I see this pattern very often while working with my life coaching clients. This type of communication is not usually fruitful.

If you sometimes feel this way it is not your fault. We have not been taught this in school. Moreover, emotional inteligence is not something parents often model or teach to their kids. I feel like it is more of a societal problem rather than individual. 

The good thing that I can help you develop this emotional resilience by helping you establish this inner connection, help you talk to your emotions and process them quickly so you do not stuck there for hours and days. 

Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

4. Reward system

Throughout my life I had really high standards for myself and acknowledging my wins was quite difficult. I thought that keeping myself "hungry" all the time is a good thing. What ended up happening I had constant feeling of BEING BEHIND. This feeling was creating a lot internal stress and was holding me back from feeling a sense of COMPETENCE as well as holding me back from experiencing a state of FLOW when things are flow out the person effortlessly and organically. 

What I now know is that giving your self rewards along the way not only makes the process more effortless and fun, but also more productive. I can help you create a robust plan on how to get to your dreams, that will not only create a sense of direction but also will help you see your wins along the way and help you build your CONFIDENCE and COMPETENCE.

I am here to support you on this journey. Making this leap on your own can be quite overwhelming and confusing. 

What sets my coaching approach apart from others in the field?


Coaching is a very powerful tool that can help you grow tremendously, yet there is a lot of controversy in this field. It is very easy to get a coaching certificate nowadays after just a few hours of online training, yet it takes years of training and practice to get good at it. So there are a lot of coaches in the field who do not spend enough time and effort to learn the skills.


My approach is based on cutting-edge research of the nervous system, neuroscience, and behavioral psychology. My work is based on techniques that are backed up by science, practical application, and personal use. 


My approach goes deep into the operating system while also making sure that you move forward toward your goals. I am taking my job very seriously, and I have spent more than ten years studying psychology, completed 2 one-year-long coaching programs, as well as 2 years of a graduate program in psychotherapy. I have been providing coaching for over four years at this moment.


I believe that by working together, uncovering your meaning, finding your motivation, building emotional resilience and creating a robust action plan we will get you where you want to be.

Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

In sessions, we will:

  • Uncover your MEANING; recognize and understand the things that are truly important to you.

  • Find the MOTIVATION to make the change happen.


  • Create CLARITY on where you want to be.

  • Build the PLAN and REWARD SYSTEM to get you there.

Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

Are you ready to step into a future filled with success and meaning?

Cross the river of change, get where you want to be; start your business, change your career, move to a different city, build meaningful relationships, etc and most importantly find the joy, fullfilment and a sense of flow during the process. This will help you believe in yourself and feel more confident. It will reveal a whole new world of possibilities for you, opening the door to things that you have never thought were possible. Schedule your free 30-minute therapy session today!

Get help from a Life coach in Chicago and a life coach in Denver


Individual 50-70 min sessions via Zoom

with a life coach in Chicago, Denver and worldwide. 

Get help from a Life coach in Chicago and a life coach in Denver



Individual 50-70 min sessions via phone

with a life coach in Chicago, Denver and worldwide

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