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My name is Dennis. I am a certified performance life coach. I help unfulfilled young men and women to break through procrastination, increase confidence, and get unstuck to achieve a productive, meaningful, and fulfilling life. My passion is watching my clients transform their lives in sectors like career, entrepreneurship, health, self-growth, relationships, etc.

Dennis Guyvan Life coach in Chicago, life coach in Denver
Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

So, where are you on the life-satisfaction scale today?

  • Do you feel unfulfilled?

  • Do you feel like you are stuck in life, just treading water?

  • Do you feel lost, confused, directionless?

  • Do you think that your dream is too big to achieve?

  • Do you think there is something wrong with you or other people around you?

  • Are you beating yourself up for not accomplishing something you planned to?


My clients often ask themselves these same questions AND usually answer yes to most of them.


What type of challenge are you facing right now?


1) Do you have a direction, a goal, or a dream but find it difficult to start taking action?


For many of my clients, these might be some of the reasons:


  • Your dream looks too big.

  • You might be thinking that you are not that strong, smart, or loving enough to create the life you want.

  • It feels scary to start.

  • You feel like you are not competent enough.

  • Just keep on waiting for the opportunity to come.

  • Doubting your dream because others disapprove or discourage you.



2) Do you have a direction, and you are moving forward but staying unfulfilled?


It’s probably because:


  • You feel overwhelmed.

  • You do not feel like you really enjoy what you do.

  • Your feel like life only sucks the energy out of you but does not fill you up.

  • You think that life is worthless until you hit the goal.

  • You feel tired most of the time on the way to your goal.

  • At times you are feeling like you are doing it only for the sake of a material reward.

  • At times it doesn’t feel like the right path, that you belong there.

  • You think that beating yourself up is the only strategy to win because self- acknowledgment would demotivate you.

  • You think that willpower is the only way to achieve your goals.


Guess what? I felt the same way for years.

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Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver
Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver
Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver


3) Do not have direction, and you feel lost and stuck?


This might be because:


  • You doubt that the life goals you’ve established really resonate with you.

  • You are feeling lost and overwhelmed, not knowing how you want your life to look and what is actually important for you here.

  • You feel that your problems will not go away.

  • You even think that you are not that strong, smart, or loving enough to create the life you want.




So, I am not a stranger to those challenges. For a long time, I considered myself a pretty productive person, not wanting to realize or admit that I was procrastinating a lot in between the productive sprints, while my goal was to run a marathon. On top of that, I cannot say that I was fulfilled, even though I was doing a lot of great things in life. Things like moving to a different continent at the age of 18, getting a prestigious job in a foreign country, having an expensive car that I had dreamed of, living in a beautiful place by the lake, and marrying a wonderful woman. Despite all those achievements, I felt like something else was missing there.


At first, I followed the shallow symbols of success that I have heard about all my life from the people around me. Even though having those achievements was great, I had never gone deeper than that. I was hearing all this advice about what I should do and was making life decisions based on it. I didn’t know what was really important to ME and WHY I did what I did. My own meaning was not there. A lot of the time, I was not even aware of that. I was doing those things as a norm, not deeply questioning myself on that.


What I now know is that you didn’t choose to be unhappy. A lot of this is just an echo of your environment, one that you couldn’t choose at that time. BUT you have a choice now. You can choose a different path and take control of your life now.


Secondly, I was trying to finally meet the need of being enough only by doing more. Sounds familiar? Focusing only on doing more is a pretty low-quality fuel for high performance. I was constantly pushing myself to do more and kept dreaming about my next goal, yet never allowed giving myself credit for the steps I was taking, enjoying past experiences, not allowing myself to have a quality rest. I was living from burnout to burnout; I’d somewhat recover, then push again. If you are reading this, there is a big chance you are experiencing this right now or from time to time.


Pushing yourself at times, especially at the beginning of a new journey, is essential, yet you cannot operate at your full potential by doing only this. Just like many of my clients, at one point in my life, I started to realize that there are more resources inside of me that I can tap into to perform better. It was time to start enjoying the process, not just checking the boxes on the to-do list. Funny enough, this is usually when my clients reach out to me for help with doing the same.


After my own realization, I started to nail down some of the concepts and tools to make the process consistent and fulfilling. I also started to systematize it to help my clients do the same. In this way, my passion turned into my purpose. These days, I serve my life coaching clients by helping them create the life they want, as well as finding that joy, meaning, and fulfillment on their journey.


With the knowledge gained from my life experiences, as well as from working with my prior clients, I believe that:

  • You are already enough.

  • You are more powerful than you think you are.

  • You do have the extra inner resources waiting to be discovered.

  • You can create the life that you want.

  • You can enjoy the process on the way to your goals.

  • You are here to thrive.

Get help from a Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

I believe that by working together and creating a crystal-clear vision that is based on your true values, as well as by working through obstacles along the way, we will get you where you want to be.



I can help you to:


  • Determine your core values; recognize and understand the things that are truly important for you.

  • Create clarity on where you want to be three years from now.

  • Build a robust action plan to get you there.

  • Create awareness around your strong points and recognition of your victories.

  • Create an understanding of your blind spots and limiting beliefs and find ways to work through them.

Get help from a Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

Cross the river of change, get where you want to be; start your business, change your career, move to a different city, build meaningful relationships, and raise the level of joy, fulfillment, and meaning in life. By accomplishing your goals and finding fulfillment along the way, you will believe even more in yourself. It will reveal a whole new world of possibilities for you, opening the door to things that you have never thought were possible.

Get help from a Life coach in Chicago and a life coach in Denver


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Get help from a Life coach in Chicago and a life coach in Denver



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