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Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

Stop Wasting Your Potential!
Rewire Your Mind and Body to Thrive!

learn more about my unique Somatic approach below!

Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

So, where are you on the life-satisfaction scale today?


  • Do you feel like life has lost its excitement? 

  • Do you wake up every day lacking motivation, clarity, and purpose?

  • Do you feel like you’re just wasting away your potential?


My clients usually answer yes to at least one of these questions. I have been there, too, and I know how uncomfortable it can get at times to sit with that.  

Hi there! I'm Dennis and I specialize in guiding adults (18 - 50 y.o), who are ambitious but find themselves trapped in life's quicksand! I help them create a life full of excitement, purpose, and productivity!

Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

Why do you feel stuck?

It’s frustrating to feel stuck, unmotivated, and unsure of your direction in life. You might be trying to change your thoughts, reading countless self-help books, and working tirelessly to get your mindset right, yet still feel an emotional void. It feels like a constant battle within yourself, draining your energy and leaving you feeling burned out and hopeless.

This happens due to a disconnect between your Mind and Body!

Let me elaborate more on this.

Our subconscious mind controls 95% of our daily operations, while only 5% is governed by our conscious thinking brain. Our body is essentially our subconscious mind. This means that without getting our body on board, creating lasting change is incredibly difficult. When we try to force change using only our conscious mind (reading, thinking, talking), we are fighting against the vast power of our subconscious, making success elusive and energy-draining.

It’s like the mind pulls in one direction and the body pulls in the opposite direction, creating an internal conflict that has a sense of stuckness.

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Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver
Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver
Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

I understand your struggles

I understand how disheartening this can be because I’ve been there myself.

My journey to change my life began with the same approach you might be taking now—trying to think my way out of it. I consumed countless books, attended workshops, and used all my willpower to force a positive mindset yet I still felt stuck. 


My mind and body were in opposition, fighting each other every step of the way.


For example, I would set a goal and create a detailed plan, and my brain would confidently tell me that it was possible. However, on an emotional level, my whole body resisted change. Anxiety would creep in, making me feel overwhelmed and making it difficult to take action with consistency. This internal tug-of-war was exhausting, and despite my best efforts, I often found myself back at square one, feeling more lost and hopeless. Sounds familiar?

Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

When did the real change happen?

The turning point came when I began to work not only with my mind but also with my body. When I connected my mind and body rather than having them at odds, everything changed. My energy returned, my momentum picked up, and my creativity and drive to do things flourished. I felt like I was becoming a different person—more courageous, creative, powerful, and full of life. This profound change inspired me to delve deeper into the mind-body connection and integrate it into my life coaching practice.

Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

Align your Mind and Body with your Goals

This holistic approach that I use during my life coaching session can help your entire being (mind and body) align with your goals to create transformation. By creating this harmonizing, you stop wasting energy on internal conflict and start using it to move powerfully toward your dreams. This transformation is not about exerting all your willpower to force change; it’s about stepping into and embodying a new identity that has the qualities needed to achieve your aspirations.This creates a much more resourceful place to create things from and take action towards your goals!

Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

How Somatic Coaching Can Help

Somatic coaching, which focuses on the connection between mind and body, can help you become successful more easily and sustainably. By engaging both your conscious mind and your body (subconscious mind), somatic coaching ensures that all parts of you are working in harmony towards your goals. This method reduces internal resistance and struggle, allowing you to access greater energy, creativity, and drive.

What sets my life coaching approach apart from others in the field?


Life coaching is a very powerful tool that can help you grow tremendously, yet there is a lot of controversy in this field. It is very easy to get a life coaching certificate nowadays after just a few hours of online training, yet it takes years of training and practice to get good at it. So there are a lot of life coaches in the field who do not spend enough time and effort to learn the skills.


My approach is based on cutting-edge research of the mind-body connection, nervous system, neuroscience, and behavioral psychology. My work is based on techniques that are backed up by science, practical application, and personal use. 


I am taking my job very seriously. I have been in the self-development industry for 10 years and have over 5+ years of experience as a life coach. To bring powerful transformation for other I completed a three-year graduate program specializing in somatic counseling and multiple year-long life coach training programs, with a central focus on the mind-body connection


Today, I help people like you align their whole being through a holistic approach, so you can stop fighting yourself and start living a life full of purpose and excitement.

Certified Life coach in Chicago, Life coach in Denver

Ready to Transform Your Life?

If you’re ready to stop feeling stuck and start living with clarity, motivation, and passion, I’m here to guide you. Together, we will unlock the power within you by aligning your mind and body, so you can move forward with confidence and achieve your goals with power.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and discover the vibrant, fulfilling life you’re meant to live! Schedule your free 30-minute therapy session today!

Get help from a Life coach in Chicago and a life coach in Denver


Individual 50-70 min sessions via Zoom

with a life coach in Chicago, Denver and worldwide. 

Get help from a Life coach in Chicago and a life coach in Denver



Individual 50-70 min sessions via phone

with a life coach in Chicago, Denver and worldwide

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