Your Way to Thrive

Cross the river of change 

My name is Dennis. I am a certified performance coach. I help unfulfilled young men and women to break through procrastination, increase confidence, and get unstuck to achieve a productive, meaningful, and fulfilling life. My passion is watching my clients transform their lives in vocations like career, finances, self-growth, relationships, health, etc.


I have been hungry for change for as long as I remember.


Starting from scratch, all alone on a new continent at the age of eighteen, living in four different cities and facing all the challenges along the way helped make me a high performer. I understand how it is to want a lot from your life, and what it takes to make this happen. I love helping people to redirect their life force to gain the things that they are really longing for, those events and assets that help complete their lives.

So, where are you on the life scale today?


  • Do you feel like you are doing a lot, yet not feeling fulfilled?

  • Do you feel like you do not belong where you are in life?

  • Do you think there is something wrong with you, or other people around you?

  • Do you feel like you are stuck in life – just treading water?

  • Are you beating yourself up for not achieving something you planned to?

My clients often ask themselves these same questions.

Maybe you have accomplished something, but still feel empty because you think you didn’t achieve enough yet.



Perhaps you think you cannot achieve your dream or enjoy the process of attaining your vision. Do any of these statements resonate with you?


  • You think you are not strong, smart, or loving enough to start attaining your goals

  • You question your abilities when you compare yourself to others.

  • You feel like you are not prepared to move forward because you haven’t yet achieved enough

  • You feel like you do not have enough motivation or drive

  • You think you lack skills and resources

  • Your think your plan is sufficient to reach your goals


You might be feeling that you cannot make that meaningful shift because you think that the goal is more significant than you can ever handle. You might think it is not the right time yet. You might envision there are a lot of distractions to deter you. You feel that there is not enough time. You might even doubt that the goals you’ve established do not really resonate with you.

With the knowledge gained from my life experiences, as well as from working with my clients, I believe that:

  • You can achieve your dreams

  • You are already enough

  • You are more powerful than you think you are

  • You are here to thrive

I believe that by working together and creating a crystal-clear vision that is based on your true values, as well as by working through obstacles along the way, will get you where you want.



I can help you to:


  • Determine your core values; recognize and understand the things that are truly important for you.

  • Create clarity on where you want to be three years from now.

  • Build a robust action plan to get you there.

  • Create awareness around your strong points, and recognition of your victories

  • Create an understanding of your blind spots and your limiting beliefs and find ways to work through them.

Cross the river of change and get where you want to be;

start your business, change your career, move to a different city, build meaningful relationships. By accomplishing your goals, you will feel fulfilled and confident, and therefore, you will believe even more in yourself. It will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you, opening the door to things that you have never thought were possible.


Individual 50-70 min sessions via Zoom



Individual 50-70 min sessions via phone 

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